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E-Commerce Marketing

We offer a range of service levels geared towards your specific goals. We have years of experience marketing products on ecommerce platforms and look forward to customizing a winning strategy for your business.


We know how to make your products rank well on ecommerce platforms by ensuring your listings are fully optimized we set the stage for the maximum organic discoverability and keyword indexing on any ecommerce marketplace.

Channel Management

E-commerce account set-up, case management, brand issues, product listing issues, sales and traffic reporting, and overall strategy to drive the account forward and gain results.

Catalog Cleanup

Even if you have thousands of SKUs, we can help with uploading products to your ecommerce catalog, fixing any parenting issues you may have in the back end and ensuring that your listings are displaying properly.

Off Platform Advertising

Using off platform advertising tactics such as Facebook ads and Google ads we can jump start sales and traffic to your ecommerce product listings and make sure you’re ranking well.

Content Creation & Branding

We are a full-service agency. In addition to our full suite of ecommerce consulting services we can assist your team with copywriting, logo design, branding, web design, SEO and more.

Social Media Management

Social media is one of the best ways to supplement and enhance sales in your ecommerce store. With a robust social media presence, you can drive the ideal way to search for your products: branded searches. These are searches where the customer searches for your brand by name, excluding competitor products. We offer effortless social media management to supplement your e-commerce strategy, so you don’t have to worry about it.


The pressures that small and medium-sized business owners face can be intense. Starting, taking over, or learning to manage a business is hard enough as it is. For businesses small, medium, or large, hiring a consultant can be a huge time-saver, and a real asset to growth, while removing direct pressure from business owners. It’s EXACTLY the same when you hire a professional E-Commerce Marketing firm. E-commerce marketplaces likes to say it’s easy to sell on their platforms, and that’s sort of true, it’s easy to set up an account and start selling, however, it’s NOT at all easy to do it well. Most do-it-yourself ecommerce sellers only sell a fraction of what they could be selling. The biggest misconception about hiring an ecommerce marketing/consulting firm is that it will end up costing you more when in fact, in the long run, you will be so much more profitable by allowing experts to manage your ecommerce marketplace channel.

The benefits massively outweigh the costs.

3 things to keep in mind:

1. We like happy clients

Before we take on a client, we do a full channel review and competitive analysis. If we don’t think we can help you improve sales we will tell you. Sometimes the market on any ecommerce platform for a given product is too competitive, or your margins are too small, or any number of additional challenges that might make it unlikely for us to help you succeed. If we can’t help you, we will tell you.

2. If we say we can help you we mean it

After your market analysis is complete if we tell you we can increase your sales performance we mean it. We only accept clients that we believe we can help. Usually, it only takes a few minutes to find out whether there are opportunities for improvement.

3. We have years of experience helping clients like you.

If you aren’t an expert in e-commerce, SEO, conversion rates, listing optimization, EBC, 1P, 3P, FBM, FBA and the various methods of advertising on and off platform then you should trust the future of your sales to people who have expertise in these areas. This is what we do.


1. We understand ecommerce business

We are not just a technical team; we employ our extensive ecommerce consulting experience to solve your business problems with the right technology. We keep up with emerging ecommerce trends and support digital transformation unraveling in the industry.

2. We provide end-to-end implementation services

With an ecommerce team in-house, we cover all the steps of the solution implementation with our own efforts. Consequently, our team communication is straightforward and the resulting solution is integral.

3. We cooperate with all parties involved in the project

When designing and implementing an ecommerce solution, we take care to create an environment where our communication with you as a business owner but also, importantly, with other companies involved is smooth and productive. Here, we mean ecommerce business consultants, marketing agencies and third-party system vendors you might partner.

4. We have strong project management

In a team where everybody is a bright mind but works on their own, clashes and competition will occur and deter the project flow. As such, we care to have competent and skillful project managers on board to ensure the work is well-coordinated.

5. We guarantee the quality of deliverables.

The quality of an implemented solution impacts critical business aspects – customer experience in an online store, back-office processes and further solution maintenance and evolution.

6.Be on top of Amazon’s ever-changing landscape.

Amazon is always rolling out updates on their algorithm and Terms of Services. Therefore, staying on top of these changes is a must. Good thing, you can always count on our expertise in keeping your brand always up-to-date. We keep our fingers on Amazon’s pulse by spending hours combing newsletters, exclusive forums, and elite groups. Our experience in growing 7-figure brands in the marketplace has made us highly proficient in designing customized marketing and brand management strategies that work.

7. Ensure domination over your competitors

Competition on Amazon is fierce. But with us working hard at your side, your dominance is assured. We keep shoppers captivated by coming up with high-quality content that is designed and optimized to put your brand at the highest advantage. We succeed in creating and rolling out the most profitable promotional campaigns while keeping a close eye on your competitors’ every move. Overall, our vigilance and expertise combined ups your benefit, so your brand stays ahead of the pack.

8. Overcome attacks and unexpected obstacles

Whether it is negative reviews, listing suspensions, or disapproved changes in your price or any part of your listing, obstacles hamper operations. Deal with them the right way with our expertise. We got full-time staffers whose experience as former professionals of Amazon’s Seller Support Team has familiarized them with the ins and outs of the marketplace. Their mastery plus the professionalism and dedication of the rest of our team guarantee effective resolutions of whatever issues will come your way.



Let’s get to know each other. Once we find out about your situation, needs and wants, we will give you a proposal outlining what we can do for you and the costs involved in working with us. We will work with you only if we can truly increase your bottom-line profits.


Once you decide that it's best to work with us to leverage on our extensive expertise and experience so that you can focus on growing your brand and business, we will give you the best shot of succeeding right from the very beginning.


Maximizing discoverability and SEO ranking is a top priority on the path to increasing sales.


E-commerce platforms offer several options to promote your products and/or your storefront, but without the proper knowledge and attention these methods can turn into a profit drain rather than a profit gain. Pour experience and proven methods will keep your ROI growing.


One secret to growing traffic and improving page rank is to drive traffic to your products and listings from outside sources like Facebook advertising campaigns and PPC tactics. E-commerce platforms see this traffic and the subsequent sales and your placements improve. It’s one of the many tricks we have to help our ecommerce seller clients.


The buy box is important to increasing conversions, but you have to set up several aspects of your listings properly to win it. It’s very competitive. Only when you are winning the Buy Box will your Sponsored Product Ads run.


Reasons you need social media:
• The quickest and most direct way to communicate with your customers
• Build loyalty and repeat sales with existing customers
• Drive searches for your brand-name, excluding competitors
• Great tool to announce sales promotions, coupons, and special offers


Getting ahead is not enough. Staying ahead is everything. Change is inevitable and it comes with new challenges and opportunities. Having a team of E-commerce experts can mean the difference between success and failure.